HilarityBluemoon Bar

The night is young here or for that matter that day too, when your appointment with Bacchus is an unraveling affair. Unwind at your hearts will in a soothing and pleasurable ambience. Enjoy a selection of the finest drinks to wash away the day’s tensions.

Just dive into the luxury of the quick and unobtrusive service or feel like being in the seventh heaven with an array of delectable finger food. Come away to experience the heightened life. Gather in a group or spend some all by yourself time and relish each minute of it.

  • Bottle Beer KF Lager / Strong - Hywards 5000 Beer - British Empire Beer

  • Whisky Premium Signature - Royal Challenge - Vintage - Antiquity

  • Brandy Bols - Bootz - La - Martine - Vsop

  • VODKA Magic Moment - Romanov - Resolute

  • GIN Blue Ribbon

  • SCOTCH WHISKY Teachers 50's - Black Dog - Teachers Highland - Black & White

  • WINE Ware House (Per Glass) - Globus -

  • RUM Old Cask - Bacardi